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Freight Forwarding Services

Shine Express is a Hong Kong based company having offices in mainland China (ShenZhen, Shanghai, Beijing etc). We are one of the most reliable international freight forwarding logistics solutions company and total logistics handling company. Founded in 1985, our corporate regional headquarters are located in Hong Kong. Our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals have always promptly handled shipments of any size throughout the globe.
Shine which is an international freight forwarding services company has designed all its services to support any size business with transportation and logistical needs. Our esteemed clients have always counted on us with their shipments and we have tried our best to complete their shipments on time. We customize solutions to each client's shipments. Providing competitive pricing and a simplified shipping process, coordinating all aspects from pick-up to delivery, we are professionals who competently manage the entire shipping process.

Mission and Vision

We are one of the premier third-party logistics providers offering services to companies for part or all of their supply chain management function. Being the third party logistics provider, we specialize in integrated warehousing and transportation services that can be scaled and customized to customer's needs based on market conditions and the demands and delivery service requirements for their products and materials.
As third party shipment provider, we offer our customers a benefit in financial and operational terms by leveraging exceptional expertise and ability in the areas of operations, negotiations, and customer service.

Why Us

    Some of our strengths that make us a reliable business partner to work with are :

  • Safe & secure cargo handling
  • Extensive industry knowledge
  • Time bound & committed deliveries
  • Wide range of services
  • Economical & competitive freight rates
  • Highly trained and experienced team
  • Door to door services
  • Reliable global network
  • Customer focused approach
  • 24 Hour online cargo tracking

Our Services

For several years now, we have been able to provide prompt and customer driven carrier & cargo services like international logistic solutions, logistic service providers in china and freight forwarding solutions services. Our services are very well organized hence they make the entire shipping process pretty simple and hassle free. Apart from being very comfortable our services promise to be quicker and cheaper than others.
Using our wide network of international carriers and agents, we are capable of providing complete solutions for any door to door export needs. Our extremely good report with both carriers and agents, profit customers with cost effective and quick services. Our tie-ups with highly esteemed, locally owned international agents facilitate fast and efficient customs clearance and delivery arrangements for our customers. A well coordinated channel is maintained with our international partners which allows customers and other staff to keep a track on the international air or ocean shipment. Through integration, spot quotes and volume management, we have formatted a cost effective pricing for our services and space allotments.
We have several offices in Hong Kong and abroad that are fully equipped to provide sea and air freight facilities to any destination around the globe. Our global reach includes countries in Asia, North America, Europe and South Africa. With our highly knowledgeable and experienced staff of international experts we are able to provide seamless door to door, timely and cost effective services to our customers.At Shine, we strive to provide our esteemed customers with uniquely comfortable one stop service for any and every shipping need. In the services we provide our best to be an extension of our clients traffic, shipping and purchasing department in every way. We at shine provide services, which include Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Warehousing/Distribution, Quality Inspection, Factory Audit, Third Party Shipments, Project Handling besides being the Total Logistic Service Provider.
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  • air-freight-shine-china
    Air Freight

    Besides regular air supplies, we are capable to handle all sizes of cargo ranging from small packets to big containers. We offer door to door services all around the world. We also support our clients with constant tracking of the cargo movement and on-time transfer of the cargo in transit. Use of best quality air freight forwarding services helps us achieve client satisfaction.

  • ocean-freight-shine-china
    Ocean Freight

    We provide very competent ocean freight services which make shipping to remote places very fast and convenient. With this service we not only arrange for most suitable ships and vessels but also take care of each related formality. We also support our clients with constant tracking of the on-time transfer for the cargo in transit. Use of best quality ocean freight forwarding services helps us achieve client satisfaction.

  • warehouse-shine-china

    Our rare quality warehousing/distribution facilities are very unique and innovative. We provide our clients with warehousing/distribution facilities where in they can choose to use our warehouse and distribution network which would allow them easy access to process orders reliably and quickly at a very cost effective price. This complete service is specially designed to handle a large volume of international freights round-the-clock. Well organized fleet of trucks with cargo carrying capacities between three to thirteen tonnes assures timely pick-ups and deliveries. Our warehouse networks are strategically located in the close vicinity of the ports and airports. We have recruited highly experienced professionals who have sound knowledge in the latest inventory management, security, and specialized storage systems.

  • quality-inspection-shine-china
    Quality Inspection

    We have specialized ourselves in providing flawless quality inspection services. Our team of quality inspection professionals have enormous experience when it comes to checking the quality aspects of the entire shipping process. We scrutinize each and every process very minutely to ensure optimum reliability. During the process of shipment and delivery a lot of minute details need to be throughly checked on the quality aspect and we have trained our team of experts with these aspects. Hence we offer this comprehensive service of quality inspection top our clients at a very cost effective price.

  • factory-audit-shine-china
    Factory Audit

    Our unique and reliable factory audit services serve well to many many manufacturers and suppliers. In this process we inspect the factory and its aspects like raw material storage, tooling workshops and factory infrastructure etc. Our team of auditors review each and every document related to the factories quality certification. In this process the granter of the certificate is is also scrutinized with periodic reviews.
    The last steps of the factory audits include final testing of packaging facilities and laboratory areas. We make few documents mandatory for factories to submit, these documents include Documents requested include process flow chart, control plan, dimensional layout, capability study, production failure effects mode analysis etc.

  • project-handling-shine-china
    Project Handling

    We have a specialized project handling division that is manned by dedicated and well equipped professionals. Our team of project handling experts have the capability and experience to comfortably handle big or small projects. This includes managing the complete transportation and logistics of shipments originating from any part of the world to the project site of individual clients.
    Our project handling division is largely aided by our vast infrastructure of offices and warehouses equipped to handle distribution and inventory management to assist with the overall logistics necessary to meet customer needs. The whole system facilitates the communications process and supports the commitment to quality and total customer satisfaction. Using experience and modern methods we have tried to be flawless in our project handling services.

  • pharma-logistic-shine-china
    Frozen Food/Medicine Carrier

    We carry frozen food/medicine around the world in bulk or small package, hand carry delivery.

  • cool-chain-operator-shine-china
    Cool Chain Operator

    We offer complete logistics solution for temperature control products maintain requited temperature around the world.

  • warehouse-shine-china
    Temperature Control Warehouse

    Shine' office temperature control warehousing and distribution

  • logistic-service-shine-china
    Total logistic Service Provider

    We at Shine offer a reliable and economical one-window solution for varied logistic need. This includes international multi-modal transportation, logistics and in-transit handling through all kinds of cargo and relief supplies from anywhere in the world to respective clients locations.
    Our network offices round the globe are provided with infrastructural support that is required to handle the movement of cargo in a smooth and efficient manner.A well organized management team and expertly trained professionals working under them offers superior quality on-the-spot handling which enhances security, efficiency and it also saves a lot of time.

  • infrastructure-shine-china

    Automation is something that counts in present industrial world, so it becomes equally important for us to maintain the infrastructure. Our offices are located at International Air and Seaports in addition to major production centers and metro cities in China. With an extremely advanced and technically qualified team of members, we deliver diversified specialized services that aims to set our company apart from others in the market place. Other than China and Hong Kong, we have an International connection with Companies having similar mindset of delivering services. Budding from its registered office at Hong Kong, China, the company has now made its mark by having offices in the mainland of China including cities like Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Ningbo, Quingdao, Tianjin etc.
    To polish up our quality even more, we hire only the most qualified candidate for the position. Each employee has his own contribution in his own way. We opportune our employees to grow and enhance their skills and take on the challenges. As a result of which, we are able to deliver quality oriented services to our valued customers. With automation being an elemental thing in this industry, it is utilized by our staff for the benefit of our customers. Our major strength is our dedicated team of members.

    It is because of their devotion, understanding and energized style of working, we have achieved these heights

Our Network

Shine Express has good representation all over the world. So far as China is concerned, we are conveniently located in the mainland of China having offices in major cities like Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Ningbo, Quingdao, Tianjin etc. Our company is supported by reputed overseas partners, who have offices around the world and share the same commitment to customers and service. Our exclusive services cater to the different freight forwarding needs of our customers as our network of offices are spread throughout the Asia Pacific region.